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Elissar Ezzeddine

The President holds the club’s responsibilities and should be aware of all what’s happening in the club.

Stephany Said
Vice President

The Vice President supports the president, presides over meetings in the president’s absence, serves on the board of directors and as an officer at large of all committees, handles special assignments as directed by the president, and stays aware of club goals and activities.

Jana Said

The Secretary helps the club function efficiently, maintains all club records, holds responsibility of the club email, takes minutes at all club meetings, and sets meeting agenda along with the president and directors.

Ragheb Amouri

The Treasurer oversees all funds and financial records, ensures transparency in financial operations, collects membership dues, manages all money collected from dues and all proceeds from fundraising projects, prepares and administers the budget, prepares monthly reports that accurately detail the club’s finances and expenses, and coordinates with the Finance Committee Director.

Jaleel Chehayeb
Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President is a board member that was the president in the past Rotarian year. He is found in the board for his past and overall experience.

Wael Merhi

The Advisor is an appointed position by the president. He is a member that is an added value in everything Rotaract related, having had enough experience to know how to offer help in the best interest of the club.

Rani Yehia

The Consultant is an appointed position by the president. He is a member that is an added value in everything Rotaract related, having had enough experience to know how to offer help in the best interest of the club.

Mira El Ammouri

The Club Mentor is a newly appointed position, by the president. She helps guests engage in the club and keeps track of the guest’s process. She ensures the retention of members and commitment of the whole club.

Committee Directors

Raghida Morshed
Community Service Director

The Community Service Director addresses the social needs of the community and tries to make an impact no matter how small or big it is, for we are a part of this community, and when it rises, we all rise together.

Nour Al Masri
Professional Development Director

The Professional Development Director highlights members’ professional contribution to the community by taking suggestions from club members for professional development workshops and sessions. Explores professional resources in the community, leads, organizes and implements all professional development activities.

Karim Timani
International Services Director

The International Services Director promotes better relations with other clubs worldwide through a framework of friendship and service. Addresses the international needs and concerns.

Alia Jdeydani
Finance Director

The Finance Director is responsible for financing all the projects or events in order to get the required result from helping our community.

Jaleel Chehayeb
Club Service Director

The Club Service Director plans projects to build team chemistry and evolve it to one big family, while having fun. Knowing that Rotaract is based on fellowship through service.

Rani Yehia
Rotary Foundation Director

The Rotary Foundation Director plays an important role in guiding and overseeing the strategic direction of the Rotary Foundation, ensuring that it fulfills its mission of advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace.

Nathalie Fakhreddine
Public Relations Director

The Public Relations Director maintains a favorable public image of the club, as well as holding a professional relationship between other organizations and our club. Promotes the club in the best way possible.

Yasmina Azzam
Social Media Director

The Social Media Director portrays a great image of the club by managing our social media accounts. Shows off our members' hard work and dedication towards maintaining our exceptional standards.

Liaison Officers

Wael Merhi
Rotary Liaison Officer

The Rotary Liaison Officer acts as a coordinator between the Rotary Rotaract Clubs of Aley.

Taline Ghayda
Interact Liaison Officer

The Interact Liaison Officer acts as a coordinator between Rotaract and Interact Clubs of Aley.

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